Ok ,ok… So I haven’t posted in about a year, so sue me, okay? I sincerely doubt I have enough readers to make a class action lawsuit or even to count them on one hand. Well, a lot of stuff has happened…

Pirate Blog Pledge

More about life in later posts! Right now I want to make a pledge of at least 2 posts per week and I think I can pull it off. There’s gonna be mayor drama, excitement and more bullshit to come, so stay tuned (mom)!

Biker Site Profit & Goals

I have some ads on this site and they make pocket change – like, less than a dollar per month. Maybe that will change if I write more… who knows – nobody knows, nobody!

But I will redirect all those HUGE MEGA PROFITS into buying equipment for this hobby. So, my first goal is going to be something I hope I can make on this site in under a year:


Yes, that one. Yes that up there is an Amazon affiliate link. Yes I will make $0.50 if you buy from that link. Yes, it will go to the selfie-stick-fund. Yes, I have the money to buy it now but I want to make enough with this blog to buy it. No, I never thought I will own a selfie stick. Maybe I won’t.

Why a selfie stick?

Well thats a stupid question! So I can be in the pictures, of course. And it seems like a goal that is achievable for this site in finite time.

What does this mean for you?

You will get rich, famous and get it on with Sofia Vergara. Well, maybe not, but if I get a selfie stick I will use it to make photos that have bikes, explosions, nudity and drama alongside me in the frame! Some funny words that you will enjoy will always be included around those pictures.

Keep riding and keep clicking! Or buy yourself a selfie-stick.