Could you hear the Star Wars theme song playing while you were opening this post? No? Just me? Are you sure? Well, then you are not a fan of Star Wars A New Hope. Because I am and I decided to make a full face Luke Skywalker inspired Rebel helmet.

The original full face helmet – Nolan N61

spiderman full face helmetIn a Facebook group for motorcycle gear I found an ad for a Nolan N61 full face helmet for just $15 with a regular visor and a sun visor. So that is a real bargain. What’s the catch? Well, the guy selling it drew a Spider Man web on it so it kinda looked… not good. What does that mean for me? Project: Star Wars helmet!




Preparing the helmet housing

Nolan N61 spraying preparationWhat do I mean by that? Well, I took apart the helmet. Really carefully! The scariest part was taking out the styrofoam protective cap, but I took it really slow and made it.

After that I washed it really good and sanded it with wet sanding paper. You can see in the picture it looked really matte after the sanding. After that it was ready to receive the base color for plastic so I sprayed 2 coats of base with 15 minutes between them.



Spraying the helmet

After the base coat, I sprayed the red color. The idea was to spray the red and then block the parts that will stay red to spray the white. Since I am not a professional, it seemed the logical way to do it. I sprayed about 2 coats of each color. Blocking the graphics was a bitch, I did it by printing emblems on sticky paper and then cutting them out. Checkout the whole process in the following pictures:

red star wars helmet

rebel helmet prepared for white front

rebel helmet white

star wars rebel helmet no black front


The finished Star Wars Rebel full face helmet

To tell you the truth, I was hoping that the end product would turn out better. Problem was getting the black lines on the helmet; I did them with a black marker before the protective coat. And I don’t have a hand for drawing so it turned out kinda poorly.Star Wars Rebel helmet finished


Nevertheless, true fans stop me every time I wear this helmet. It brings a smile to their face and I like that it makes people happy. It is unique and hand made by a first time spray artist.

wearing the star wars helmetSo all in all I would score this project with an A in effort, C in finish and an A+ in consumer happiness. May the force be with you, bikers!

P.S. If you are thinking about buying a Nolan helmet, do it with my affiliate link so I can get a selfie stick one day, as explained in Pirate Biker Goals.